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What People are Saying

CPTSD / Depression

— Nyima on Facebook

“I see Tanya Goodman Bailey regularly for cranio sessions and they have really helped me. She is a deeply skilled and insightful practitioner. I highly recommend.”

Full Review via Whats App:

I've known Tanya for many years as a fellow movement practitioner. I had attended her classes in the past and recognised immediately that she was a highly skilled teacher and body worker. Several years past during which I undertook my own healing journey and delved deeper into my spiritual path. This recently culminated in me accessing deep levels of  trauma. I was diagnosed with Complex PTSD and depression. My symptoms were severe and I felt vulnerable and did not now who to turn to for help. I sought the advice of medical professionals and undertook therapy and began taking medication.

However, whilst a medical and psychological approach to trauma was helpful, I knew that I needed to work it through my body and integrate what I was processing on a physical and energetic level. 

I was struggling to find practitioners who understood the complexity of my situation and could offer treatment that was trauma informed, intuitive and inclusive. I was reminded of Tanya and approached her for sessions.

It was an incredible relief to work with Tanya. I felt safe in her company and seen without any sense of judgement. It was clear that she could understand my needs and did her best to meet them with openness and compassion. During our sessions I experienced different physical and emotional reactions o the treatment and I felt that Tanya was able to hold my process with great care and skill. 

Over the years I have had many encounters with healers, therapists and space holders, but it is rare to find authentic people who offer their gift in an accessible and equitable way that is free from any 'power trips'. I believe Tanya is one of these people and I highly recommend her to others who are also working with their mental health and trauma.  

Self Care   Home Visits NW3

— Victoria on WhatsApp

"Tanya's treatment are invaluable. I have never completely understood how craniosacral therapy works but I have had the most wonderful benefits from Tanya's healing hands. She has helped me physically with my back and hip problems and the positive change in my entire nervous system is mindblowing. I whole heartedly recommend Tanya and her healing hands."

Plantar Fasciitis

— Peter by email

“If it wasn’t for Tanya I’d still be suffering with Plantar Fasciitis.

Plantar Fasciitis is a very painful foot condition which makes walking extremely difficult. Since developing the condition I’ve met 2 people who have had it and both struggled for least 4 months before being able to walk painlessly. I was pain free within 1 month!Tanya was recommended by a good friend and thank goodness she was. She took me under her wing with good advice and gentle encouragement, working wonders on my physical and spiritual bodies. With each session pain & swelling reduced, leaving me hopeful and relieved.This was my first ever experience of Craniosacral Therapy and there is no doubt in my mind it works. It’s a beautifully relaxing experience which will not be forgotten and now that it’s in my life I feel much better for it! Thanks Tanya! :)”


Fibromyalgia / Chronic Stress

— Saul on WhatsApp

“Not sure what was in your craniosacral concoction yesterday evening but I felt well and today has been the least fatigued, achey and imbalanced than I have for about a number of weeks…no joking…I am not naive in thinking that I am cured as I know there’s a lot of work to do but thank you, thank you xx.”

A child on the autistic spectrum

— Laura Smith on Facebook

Tanya Goodman Bailey first healed my son of colic when he was 3 months old after just one session!

When he was 2.5 years old, I called her out the blue and she agreed to help heal my son who was emotionally all over the place, he refused to walk anywhere, I couldn't take him out, everything was overwhelming for him, especially playgroups. It was exhausting for me.

Within 3 sessions of seeing Tanya, he was walking all the way to the park, he was completely relaxed and he walked into playgroup, sat down to play and really enjoyed himself!

A few months down the line my non verbal son needed a top up, so we went to see Tanya again, after the session my son got up looked at her and said "bye bye!" I was gobsmacked!

Tanya has recently helped transition my son (now 3) into nursery. The staff there said he laughed so much the other day, he set the whole room off laughing with him! They said it touched their hearts to see him so happy!

Kayden loved Norman too, it was as though the two connected on a level I'd never seen before and with Tanya playing the ukulele in the background, it was the best session ever!

Tanya is Kayden's earth angel, I hope other people see this post so they can have an this wonderful, beautiful angel in their life too.

video testimonial and demonstration

Baby Craniosacral therapy

Watch an explanation of treatment for babies with Tanya, Brody's mum, Wanni and scene stealer, Brody